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Peptide synthesis and equipments

Chemical synthesis Methods of peptides:Solid-phase synthesis, Liquid phase synthesis

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Purification and equipment

At present, reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography are used as mainly purification methods of peptides . The commonly mobile phase system is water-acetonitrile or water-methanol, trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) as ion pair reagent, to separate peptides with appropriate gradient elution.

Most peptides are purified in TFA system, so the most peptides are TFA salt. Secondly, pharmaceutical peptides generally are acetate and hydrochloride, and some pharmaceutical peptides have special salt forms. ion exchange and HPLC method are mainly methods to change salt form , and commonly G25 column(dextran gel column) is used to remove salt

Lyophilization and equipment

Lyophilization of peptides: peptides are purified by HPLC, and most of organic solvents and water are removed by rotary evaporator, and then peptides are lyophilized by lyophilizer.

Mg to kg vacuum freeze-drying equipments

Peptide application

peptides are bioactive substances involved in various cell functions in living organisms. Since peptides are synthesised, With the development of molecular biology and biochemistry technology, and the study of peptides has made amazing progress.
At present, the application of peptides mainly focuses on peptide drugs, peptide drug carriers, tissue engineering materials and peptide food.


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